Testimonial 100

I always wondered how to get noticed by the company we desire the most. Getting a call from your dream company is a dream of many of us, a job seeker like me. By researching the process, I realised that the first touch of contact is a job application; which mainly includes sharing resume. Submitting a perfect resume to your employer is vital because he/she is the one who will decide if you are the candidate they are looking for. Along with the resume, there is ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Again we need to be noticed by it.

There were so many different question and doubts in mind before I came across Avon Resumes (https://www.avonresumes.com). I started my membership, and I realised there is a massive gap in free resume writing services and such professional resume writing services. You must be wondering why bother paying to them? But as a person holding an offer letter from my dream company (I can’t reveal the name for obvious reasons), I can assure you that it is worth it. You will understand when you aim for a precious company and desire to fight for the position & pay scale.