Testimonial 11

I have been looking for a job for over a year with a resume I created. I thought it was good but I had maybe 1-2 inquiries over a years’ time and I was getting frustrated, I said maybe the economy is still bad and there are no jobs for me. So, I decided to get my resume professionally done and came across Avon Resumes in my research. The team from Avon Resumes contacted me very quickly and provided a timeline that they stuck to. The writer was extremely professional and consistent from beginning to end. I uploaded my new resume and cover letter on 2 well known sites and she even updated my LinkedIn profile. I provided a copy to my head hunter as well and after about 4 days, I have received at least 10 calls from companies and recruiters over the past week.I am so excited right now… I trusted her and she delivered! When I look at the resumes side by side I understand why I had no inquiries. Now I am turning down interviews and I start my new job next week. If you want potential employers to look at you seriously, you need a serious resume to reflect exactly who you are and what you are trying to accomplish. A professional resume is an investment in your future.. So if you are serious about getting a job, you need a professional resume writer and I fully recommend Avon Resumes. Thank you again and I will continue to keep in touch.