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Real Review by User Ms Apoorva Shelke, Bengaluru for Avon Resumes

Customer reviews, rating, user feedback.

Customer reviews, rating, user feedback.

I always wondered how to get noticed by the company we desire the most. Getting a call from your dream company is a dream of many of us, a job seeker like me. By researching the process, I realised that the first touch of contact is a job application; which mainly includes sharing resume. Submitting a perfect resume to your employer is vital because he/she is the one who will decide if you are the candidate they are looking for. Along with the resume, there is ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Again we need to be noticed by it.

The answer is simple. Hire someone who can maintain your profile and create a perfect resume for you. I checked out many sites, but after getting through with Avon Resumes, I’d like to share some review points for your reference.

  1. Avon fulfilled my requirement: I didn’t know what I needed to do to get an interview call from HR. Avon Resumes executive just did it all for me. It just felt like they have done their research. I would just say that it worked.
  2. Quality: Not to brag, but even I’m impressed by my own resume after having a look. I have noticed that 90% of people get rejected in less than 1 min just after looking at the resume. That’s how much impactful and vital your resume is. Avon really has increased the standards and quality of my resume. They removed all the unnecessary things, lengthy traditional paragraphs and added some excellent skill-ratings and experiences to improve my image.
  3. Structure and Format: As an IT person, I’m well aware of the technologies, but not the Evolution in CV/Resume styles. Avon gave my plain resume a traditional look according to industry standard. The format was changed completely and even the structure. After going through the new resume, I realised that the design makes a big difference in the CV value.
  4. Role oriented formation: They kept my role on priority rather than my personal information. ‘Avon Resumes’ centered my knowledge on the position I’m holding on to. Roles and responsibilities were highlighted very significantly. The formation also matters a lot. No one will notice 100 right things but one mistake they will. Not making any mistake is another thing I appreciate about Avon Resumes.
  5. Skill set: Last but not at all the least comes Skill-Set. This is precisely what your recruiter is looking for in the candidate. This will make them sure how you can fit as a clog into their teams and systems.

There were so many different question and doubts in mind before I came across Avon Resumes (https://www.avonresumes.com). I started my membership, and I realised there is a massive gap in free resume writing services and such professional resume writing services. You must be wondering why bother paying to them? But as a person holding an offer letter from my dream company (I can’t reveal the name for obvious reasons), I can assure you that it is worth it. You will understand when you aim for a precious company and desire to fight for the position & pay scale.

Best wishes,

Apoorva Shelke, Bengaluru