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We at Avon Resumes are the leading professional resume writing company in India. Offering resume writing services to working professionals. We have expertise in making visual resumes, infographic Resumes, Text resumes, and online resume portfolios. We have a dedicated team of professional resume writers and CV makers who are involved in taking care of market research before writing any resume and writing resumes day in and day out. Avon Resumes, the epitome of excellence in resume writing services, is here to unleash your professional potential like never before! A team of skilled wordsmiths crafting personalized resumes that shimmer with brilliance and captivate employers at first glance. With our sheer dedication and unwavering commitment to perfection, Avon Resumes transforms mundane details into dazzling tales of achievement and ambition. We weave magic through words, ensuring that every sentence exudes confidence and charisma with our best CV and resume writing services. Whether you're a fresh graduate eagerly stepping into the corporate world or an experienced professional looking to climb higher on the ladder of success, these resume wizards have got your back! Say goodbye to generic templates and lackluster presentations; Avon Resumes will infuse life into your career story like an artist breathes vitality onto canvas. Prepare yourself for a journey where mediocrity is obliterated by unparalleled creativity – welcome to Avon Resumes writing services.

Personalised Services

Customised<br> Cover Letter

Cover Letter


Professionally designed Cover Letter to grab employer’s attention. ATS optimized to pass the recruiters' scoring after One-O-One consultation with our Resume Expert.
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LinkedIn Profile<br> Makeover

LinkedIn Profile


If you are job hunting, LinkedIn is a great place for job application that make yourself known in the job market. 9 out of 10 recruiters use LinkedIn to hire candidates like you.
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Script for<br> Video Resume

Script for
Video Resume


Get a professionally written script from us, practice it a few times, and aim to hit the key points while coming across as naturally as possible while making a video resume.
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SOP-LOR with<br> Academic Resume

SOP-LOR with
Academic Resume


While applying to get Admission to Study Abroad, SOP and LOR is must for the entry level candidates. Get a SOP-LOR with Academic Resume to distinguish yourself from others.
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Defence Force<br> Personnels

Defence Force


A military veteran job seeker resume contains terminology and acronyms which are difficult to understand by people not in uniform hence requires expertise to translate it well.
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Executive Class Resume

Executive Class Resume


We understand your unique needs and hence give you a customised resume on basis of interactions done throughout the enlightening and invigorating process.
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Executive Class<br> CV+LinkedIn

Executive Class


Resume + Cover Letter + LinkedIn : Preferably choosen by Executive & Senior Management Professionals. Definitely the most in-demand service for better career prospects.
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Profile Highlighting

Profile Highlighting


Increase your chance of getting more views from the recruiters among million jobseekers. Be higher up in the search when recruiters search for resumes in their database.
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Preferred<br> Combo



National Resume
International Resume
Linkedin Profile
Resume Booster
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Political Resume<br> Service

Political Resume


This resume service is only for accomplished Civic & Community Leader (Politicians) representing engagements in community activities to promote well being of public.
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Online Web<br> Resume

Online Web


Create a website for your online portfolio or resume and show what you can do. Turn your resume into a stunning website. Make a perfect Online Web Resume in 2021.
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Business Partnership

Business Partnership


Business partnerships are purpose-driven and results-oriented. Partners must be willing to invest the necessary time and resources to develop a trusting and transparent relationship.
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Why Resume Writing Services from Avon Resumes

From captivating cover letters to meticulously crafted LinkedIn profiles, our arsenal of resume writing services ensures that you stand out from the competition like a bright star on a moonless night. Each resume we create is an exquisite masterpiece tailored specifically to showcase your unique skills and experiences—the key ingredients for unlocking doors to endless opportunities. Whether you are just starting out or aiming for a career leap forward, Avon Resumes has got you covered with their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to enhancing your professional brand. The people who are clear in their vision and have drafted their resumes as per the targeted role and as per job requirements can only stand in this competition. But in most of the cases, it has been observed that people are not ready with their resume and the existing resume is not up to the mark. We understand that resume writing services are not merely about listing skills or experiences; it is about creating an unforgettable narrative that showcases the essence of who you are as a professional. Avon Resumes delivers precisely this – personalized works of art meticulously tailored for each unique individual seeking career advancement. So why settle for mediocrity when Avon Resumes can transform your resume into a dazzling work of art? Step into the realm of extraordinary possibilities with confidence by partnering with this incredible team because they believe that behind every great success story lies an exceptional resume waiting to be discovered! As one of the esteemed organizations, we have worked with more than 10,000+ professionals in guiding them toward a prosperous future ahead. We provide the industry’s best resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, and a guided approach that can keep your ambition alive in this competitive environment. All of our resume writing services are packed with impeccable solutions, affordable pricing, and comprehensive support for pushing you to go beyond limits to live your dream. So hire us today for the best resume writing services in India and a few other countries.

How Our Resume Writers have helped professionals like you?

An ideal resume can easily outshine hundreds and thousands of resumes to help you acquire the dream position you have been looking for. At Writrox, we believe in bringing the best person for the right job. Our writers are a combination of creative, technical, and mixed experts who have exceptional abilities to help professionals showcase their skills to their HR recruiters. Our writers will connect with clients to acquire personal information to combine unique and creative writing in bringing a perfect resume that personifies your character to outshine your career to new heights. We make well-honed resumes for you that attract maximum employer attention to your profile. While you strive for a perfect job, we will strive to make that happen faster with stunning resume writing services. We have worked for several aspiring candidates ranging from fresh graduates to experienced professionals. While everyone can make a CV, it necessitates professional resume writing services to optimize it. We do that perfectly.

Benefits of Hiring Resume Writing Services

With our exceptional team of professional writers and years of experience, we offer an array of benefits that will undoubtedly skyrocket your chances of success. Our resume writing services go beyond the traditional concept by transforming a simple document into a captivating masterpiece that showcases your unique qualities and strengths. Imagine having a personalized resume that effortlessly highlights your skills, experiences, and achievements in a way that catches every hiring manager's attention! The secret lies in our ability to craft each word with precision and finesse, creating a powerful narrative that tells your story effectively. Moreover, our team understands the ever-evolving job market trends like no other - we stay up-to-date with industry-specific keywords and formatting techniques so you don't have to worry about being left behind. Whether you're an entry-level candidate or a seasoned professional looking for career advancement, Avon Resumes ensures tailor-made solutions that perfectly align with your goals. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity - let us take care of the tedious task while you focus on what truly matters: making strides toward an exciting future!

Frequently asked Questions and Answers

1What is the significant difference between a Resume and a CV?
A resume is a "summary," and a curriculum vitae is a "course of life." In simple words, a resume mainly includes qualifications and work experience, and on the other hand, a CV is to tailor a clear listing of the whole career. Let's know the difference between CV and resume more briefly.

RESUME : A resume is a French word, which means "sum up." In short, it is a concise document, which one uses to apply for a specific job by mentioning a brief overview of their work history.

  • Length : Resumes always have limits, as they usually appear one or two pages long. As mentioned earlier, it is just a summary of a candidate's previous work experiences and academics or educational qualifications.
  • Purpose : The primary purpose of creating a resume is to apply for a specific job in non-academic, non-profit, public sectors, and other private industries. However, the other purpose is also to prove one best for that job. Therefore, the candidate used to mention only relevant information according to the vacancy.
  • What to Include :
    ❖ Personal Information ❖ Contact Information ❖ Resume Summary or Resume Objective ❖ Work Experience ❖ Education ❖ Skills ❖ Additional Sections(Academic qualification, licenses and certifications, and personal interests) ❖ Precautions while making a resume

Either a candidate is carrying work experiences in several fields or sectors, but it is suggested to mention only that information which the interviewer wants to read. Please do not make it so long; it should be easy to read and understand.

CURRICULUM VITAE : Curriculum Vitae comes from the Latin dictionary, which refers to profound explanation. So a CV is an in-depth document that includes the whole course of a candidate's career in full detail. Have a look at various aspects of a CV.
  • Length : CV has no word or page limits, as the candidate has to provide every single of information about their career. Sometimes, it should be two or three pages if the information is less, but it could be 10+ pages, according to information that needs to be mentioned.
  • Purpose : CV is mainly used for applying for positions in academia, fellowships, and grants. A Candidate uses it to prove themself as a qualifying one who is more educated and skilled than others. Therefore they have to mention every single thing that they have done in their career.
  • What to Include :
    ❖ Contact Information ❖ Research Objective, Personal Profile, or Personal Statement ❖ Education ❖ Professional Academic Appointments ❖ Books ❖ Book Chapters ❖ Peer-Reviewed Publications ❖ Other Publications ❖ Awards and Honors ❖ Grants and Fellowships ❖ Conferences ❖ Teaching Experience ❖ Research Experience / Lab Experience / Graduate Fieldwork ❖ Non-Academic Activities ❖ Languages and Skills ❖ Memberships ❖ References

Precautions while making a CV : Single missing information may lead to disqualification. Do not think any part of your career is useless in your CV. to try to make it more engaging, so the interviewer shows interest in reading the entire document.

So, here is the detailed education of a CV and resume. Make a CV or a resume and decorate it with bullet points, sub-headings, easy-to-read, and attractive fonts. The purpose is to prove yourself as the best candidate.

2Can I add my training and volunteer experience to my Resume?

Students or job seekers are often confused about whether it is okay to add volunteer work experience or training certificates to the resume. But, here, people have to understand when they could add the same to the resume in two different cases and when these are not required for the resume. Also, it is necessary to mention them at correct places where recruiters can easily find them, or you can highlight the same. Let's understand when and how to mention the experience.

If your resume lacks work experience or you are new to a specific industry, you must mention your training experience. It will add special value to your resume and helps to attract the hiring person to your capabilities. Volunteer experience will show that you are interested in indulging yourself in new opportunities and ready to contribute to the industry. But, while mentioning training experience, make sure that the experience certificate is related to the job you are seeking. Never mention irrelevant experience that shows you switch industries frequently. Your volunteer experience could be from any field as it shows your participation enthusiasm to the recruiter. Hence, it is necessary only for freshers to add value. Also, only add the details about your recent work details. Please don't mention the volunteer activities you were involved in years ago.

Now, suppose you have been working in an industry for more than 5 or 10 years, and you have been a part of many big companies and looking forward to switching jobs, then you can eliminate the training experience part. You now have enough experience and details that could show your worth to the recruiter. Also, you must have good character certificates attached to your resume. Here you can add the remarkable achievements and awards you received during years. Training certificated makes the slightest impression to the recruiter as they want to see your physical presence and practical experience in the industry. As an experienced employee, you can add your volunteer recent experience to your resume. It shows value to your and frequent participation to the activities. These are okay to be shown to a recruiter to show your participation interest in other industrial activities.

Be short and sweet while writing your resume. Recruiters have only 1 minute to analyze the resume. Hence, they will never read the same thoroughly. The recruiter only reads the highlighted and easily visible parts. So, don't try to stretch your resume with experience certificates and details. Write the mainline about your experience with the company or organization you have worked for. In this way, one has to check the information available and the years spent working. Only then decide whether you have to add the training experience or not. Never write your resume without proper understanding and analysis. It is the primary impression for the recruiter and works like 50% decision-making value for the job seeker. Hence, be attentive while writing the resume and mentioning details.

3Why Avon Resumes CV Writing Services are more expensive than others?
Dear Candidates… you need to invest in you as a brand! Your resume must represent who you are and what differentiate you from your competition. Several factors goes into pricing. Everyone need a dedicated resource and much attentive time for discussion during the talk of resume development. Your resume is your personal branding document. Collaborating, writing, re-writing, editing, client collaboration, editing, designing format and final review. Also, the more experience a writer has, the greater the cost. You have to ask yourself… what is your career worth? Telecommunication cost, infrastructure, marketing, branding, and most importantly the cost to serve you till satisfaction are factored into the cost. Resumes have evolved as a strategic marketing tool to speak for you long before you are called for an interview and long after the interview. Having a typed, plain, old format resume will not get you noticed. Would you read a magazine if it were thrown together, boring and lacked branding? Do you buy a car, clothes or appliances without first reading the advertisement, product offerings, benefits? You are the same as a product. What does your advertisement say about you?
4Why resume writing prices increases with increase in experience?
Time and efforts devoted by a resume writer to complete the task is always more for an experienced client rather than the one at entry level. We have recruited our in-house highly paid team of resume experts to cater you with best output. It takes lot of efforts in understanding and framing career capacities, positioning key reponsibilities and core competencies in the most desired pattern.
5Why have a targeted resume?
Having a targeted resume will focus you on a line of business which will help you get closer to achieving your goal. Resumes that are general get overlooked or discarded, by the recruiter because it appears that the candidate is fishing for something vs. focusing on a goal. Hiring managers want to hire a person who is focused.
6Is a cover letter necessary?
If you are mailing your resume to a company for a specific position, yes, a cover letter is necessary. Many online resume submissions ask for your resume only. Having a resume with the cover letter is the best choice to be attached while an online submission.
7What’s The Real Purpose of A Resume?
If you’re fairly new to job searching, you might have been led to believe that a resume is the document that actually gets you hired. That’s not precisely how it works. Your resume is indeed the document you use to apply for jobs (along with a customized Cover Letter where appropriate). However the real function of your resume is to impress employers you contact so that they’ll bring you in for a job interview.
8Is It Better To Position Yourself As a Specialist or Generalist on your Resume?
Employers hire people for specific jobs. Each job comes with its own duties and responsibilities. An employer needs to know that you are qualified to do the specific job properly. Some jobs need people who are generalists, such as General Labourer or Handyman. But most jobs are best suited to workers who are specially trained and have the necessary credentials in that line of work.
9What exactly should I leave out, and put on in my Resume?
Your work history, educational background and earned credentials, career summary/objective, and contact information are must-haves on your resume. So are a few other relevant details. However certain information should not be revealed to employers, on the grounds you might be exposing yourself to potential discrimination. Your age and marital status should be left off. Also your religion (and country of origin if it happens to be other than India or geographic location you are targeting).
10Do I list my Work Achievements or my Duties And Responsibilities?
On the old style of resume it was enough to describe the duties and responsibilities you’ve held as an employee. Not so anymore. An employer is looking to see how you have actually added value as a worker. In most cases you’ll want to Create Accomplishment Statements on Your Resume. It’s competitive out there and you want to stand out from the crowd.
11Which Resume format is Best: Chronological, Functional, Mixed, Or CV?
Confused by the possible variations in resume styles? No need to be. Our articles can help you figure out which format to use under different circumstances. In brief: a reverse chronological resume is the typical style most employers expect to see. The functional resume is popular with career changers, people with little work experience (like students and recent grads), or those who’ve been out of the work force for an extended leave. Mixed (combined format) resumes combine the chronological and functional formats. And a Curriculum Vitae (CV) is mainly for professors, teachers, lawyers, scientists and related professionals.
12How to efficiently cut down a too Long and Wordy Resume?
If you try to stuff too much info onto your resume, it will get cluttered and lengthy. Two pages maximum is the generally accepted rule for Canadian / US / International Resumes (although CV’s may run much longer). Trimming your resume means cutting out the excess wording and unimportant information.